Hispanic Diversity

Every single person on this earth is a unique individual, different in numerous ways to all the rest of us. The same goes for groups, whether these groupings are based upon race, religion, socio-economic factors etc; there is no point in saying that they are all the same because they are not, and Hispanics are no different in this respect.

There are quite a lot of Hispanics in the USA; in fact about 12 1/2 percent of the population speak Spanish at home but as a group that is probably about the only thing that they have in common with each other. In earlier centuries Spain sent colonists out to all parts of the world so Spanish speaking immigrants into the USA have come from a very wide area indeed.

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The majority are probably of Mexican origin originally; hardly surprising since the states of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and a Californian were Mexican before they were annexed by the USA, and most of the people who had originally settled in these regions stayed with their roots under the new Administration. In addition a lot of people have immigrated, either legally or illegally from Mexico since those days; the border, although nominally guarded, is not really much of a hindrance to a determined immigrant. Around 10% of America's Hispanic population is of Puerto Rican descent; Puerto Rico as a core of a Commonwealth association with America which gives its people American citizenship as well as making it simple matter for Americans to settle in Puerto Rico too. Large numbers of immigrants from central or southern America have come into the United States for political reasons; it once appeared that every time there was a change of government in their homelands vast numbers felt it advisable to move out; but immigration nowadays is driven more by economic and political factors. Cubans to were forced to flee when Fidel Castro took over; the majority of the original wave were middle-class and professional people who feared that they would be discriminated against but again that has changed over the years and again the majority of people coming into the United States from Cuba economic rather than political refugees, seeking a better life in a richer country.

So, you cannot label, categorise, and file away the Hispanics of America under a common title; they're all part of the rich human diversity that make up the strength of the United States of America.

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